Welcome to Little Ark Preschool

At Little Ark Preschool, we believe that high-quality early education and care are vital to the growth and development of children, families, and the wider community. Our preschool seeks to foster these relationships through an ongoing process of collaboration that underpins our pedagogical practice.

In our education and care of children, we:

o Develop a holistic, children’s interest-based program.
o Scaffold and facilitate structured and play-based experiences,  
   encouraging hands-on learning.
o Promote exploration in cultural diversity including Aboriginal and
   Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
o Foster engagement and understanding of healthy lifestyles and
   sustainable practices.
o Provide safe and inclusive learning environments, both indoors and
o Assist children in developing the skills to consider and maintain
   their own self-care, safety and wellbeing.
o Seek to strengthen the child’s independence, communication skills,
   confidence, self-regulation and curiosity for the wider world.
o Encourage respectful and healthy relationships with others around
o Promote the authentic rights and safety of all children.

In our partnerships with families and the community, we:

o Seek to establish continuity between home, school and the
o Encourage families to share their cultural, language and home
   experiences, building a sense of belonging for all children.
o Pursue respectful relationships and open communication with all
o Engage in collaborative learning practices to incorporate the cultures
   of families and the wider community with the educational program.
o Maintain a network of links to the community and agencies to
   provide support for parenting and family wellbeing.
o Value the Christian foundations that our preschool was established
   upon over 25 years ago and are inclusive of all beliefs.

In our role as educators and learners, we:

o Deliver supportive mentoring to ensure a collaborative team
o Believe in maintaining staffing arrangements to provide consistency
   for children and families.
o Value the contributions of staff sharing their passions and abilities
   within the educational program.
o Provide opportunities for professional development and networking
   for all staff.
o Encourage staff to engage in reflective practice with a commitment
   to quality improvement.
o Continuously share our knowledge and expertise through open
   communication and teamwork.


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