Welcome to Little Ark Preschool

Little Ark Preschool provides exceptional early childhood education for children ranging from the ages of 3 to 6. Every corner of the preschool has been designed to enhance preschool education and children's wellbeing.

Little Ark Preschool Arts and Music Program recognises the importance of early exposure to art and music for the child's developing brain. Our program is carefully implemented to expose children to different mediums and deliberate use of the voice and use of instruments.

Little Ark Preschool outdoor natural playspace, gives our preschoolers the opportunity to interact and be challenged by nature.

The research that underpins the curriculum implemented at
Little Ark Preschool ensures that our preschool children receive skills to put them in the best position for success in education and life.


Little Ark Preschool Exceeding national quality standard

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